Church Council

Our Church Council serves as an executive committee of officers, board chairs and members meeting regularly to conduct the business of the Church between annual or special meetings of the whole congregation.  During our meetings, we have come to understand that the role of the Church Council is to act as the Steward of the goals and visions of the Church.  Working together, we are responsible for the advancement of the Church’s mission and ministry, and for coordination and facilitation of the planning, goal setting and activities that originates within the boards and committees.  We are striving to establish and maintain a culture of excellence by being mission-minded, professional and effective in our deliberations and by using a leadership model that calls for us to Respond, Empower, Celebrate, Facilitate and Reflect on the work of the church. We are guided in our discussions by the goals we’ve set for ourselves.  Though we consider these goals “a work in progress,” we want to share them with you (no order or priority):
1.   Increase membership by 10%
2.   Increase participation in adult education by 100%
3.   Balanced budget by year end
4.   Hands on mission projects – introduce two new projects
5.   Establish systems & structures to better meet pastoral care needs of the Church & community
6.   Raise the level of spiritual awareness within and throughout the congregation community

On the front of the Church hangs a sign that includes the words “All Are Welcome.”  We try to be masters of the art of Extravagant Welcome and hope you will feel at home here!

We invite everyone and anyone to join us for monthly Church Council meetings held the 4th Sunday of the month at 11:45 AM at the vestry.  We welcome your input and look forward to an opportunity to share in the mission of the Church with each and every person.

Unlike many other churches with a hierarchy of Bishops and administrators, Our First Congregational Church UCC of Dunbarton (aka DCC UCC)  is a self governing body, a religious democracy that selects our own pastor & teacher and is in covenant with the New Hampshire Conference United Church of Christ.  DCC UCC looks to our members & friends for the donations to sustain our expenses. Join us on our mission to serve our local community and our global community.

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