Meets on Monday Mornings (8:00AM for 45 minutes)
The First Parsonage
(Margaret Venator’s House)

Prayer List

We pray for all those whose lives feel broken or in transition this day
We pray for our brothers and sisters in places of fear, discouragement, anger, loneliness or pain. Regardless of our situation, may we honor God by holding Christ’s light out to others.

(Please Contact Us if you would like
a name added to our list.)

September 2017

We especially pray for our beloved church and Pastor Chris and:

  • All the victims of natural and human-made disasters in this country and around the world, especially those in harm’s way from Hurricane Irma & Harvey, storms, flood, tornadoes, and fires.
  • Martha, who is always in our hearts.
  •  Joyce and Bob’s ARI Family.
  • For the world’s Barth children.
  • Our brothers and sisters across the nation and the world impacted by terrorism, violence, injustice and oppression, especially the people of the Middle East and North Africa.
  • All our teens and young adults.
  •  Our President, elected officials and candidates, and for civility and responsibility in American politics.
  • All those who are struggling to heal, or heal from, broken relationships.
  • All those grieving the loss of loved ones.
  • Our veterans and soldiers deployed in war zones and across the world, and for civilians everywhere caught in the nightmare of war and oppression.
  • All those who are seeking employment or are suffering the effects of economic hardship.
  • For DCC and our sister churches in the NH Conference and United Church of Christ.
  • And all those unnamed who are God’s beloved. 

Our world can inspire us with glimpses of beauty, deeds of mercy and visions of hope.

Let us pray for a spirit of honest effort for worthy goals. 

Weekly World In Prayer