Pastor Chris

Pastor Chris  is pleased to be serving as interim pastor in Dunbarton.  While serving in a half-time capacity and in Dunbarton generally on Wednesdays and Thursdays (in addition to Sunday), he is available to meet with parishioners and others at mutually convenient times.

Call or text 966-8278 is the best way to reach Pastor Chris.

“In addition to pastoral ministry, I am also a documentary filmmaker. I love the creative possibilities of combining word, image, and music in non-fiction storytelling. In a happy conjunction, that very same creative energy exists in the Dunbarton Congregational Church. This is a place where people of faith, love, and hope are able to explore and express the gifts that God has given them, in service to the world, for God’s greater glory. Jesus calls us to be salt and light and yeast, making a difference in the wider culture; the Dunbarton Congregational Church seeks creative ways to live out that calling.”